The Top 5 Digital Habits For Health to Use in 2020

A digital lifestyle may actually help you reach your health goals this year.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

It’s a digital world, and if we don’t keep up with all the digital changes, we’ll be left in the dust. Rolling into 2020, there’s bound to be even more digital change—the good news? We can actually use all these changes to our benefit. We’re spilling all the deets on our top five fav digital habits for health you can use for your healthiest year yet. 

The Top 5 Digital Habits for Health to Use This Year 

#1 Food Tracking

Gone are the days where you have to journal everything you eat. Now and days, there are dozens of food tracking apps you can open right from your phone. So, if amping up your healthy eating game is one of your top priorities in the new year, use this as one of your digital habits for health in 2020. 

Some of our fav food tracking apps include Lose It, Fat Secret, and Cron-O-Meter. Get one of these downloaded on your phone ASAP to make tracking your food easier than ever. 

#2 Step Tracking

While we’re on the topic of tracking, let’s talk step tracking. Tracking how many steps you get in each day has been pretty popular over the last few years, and this trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Why? Because research shows that getting those 10,000 steps or more in per day is linked to lower BMIs. Plus, walking on the reg is one of the best things you can do for your physical and mental health. 

So, maybe ask for a step tracker this holiday season, or just pick up a regular old pedometer to get step tracking this year. It could make all the difference in helping you supercharge your fitness results in 2020. 

#3 Hydration Reminders

Staying hydrated is super-duper important. Not only is it essential to prevent dehydration, but staying hydrated can help your body flush out toxins and keep bloating at bay. But, it’s easy to forget to keep sippin’ on that water during the craziness of the day. So, use this digital world we live in today to your advantage by using a hydration app on your phone to remind you when it’s time to get hydrating. 

This is one of those digital habits for health that can benefit you all year long. It will also quickly become a healthy habit. The more you practice healthy hydration habits, the easier it will become. 

Apps like Hydro Coach will help you stay on track with your hydration goals each day, and apps like Meal Reminder will also help you keep track of your healthy food intake as well. 

Food and water tracking may be total game-changers for your health this year. 

#4 The Power of Positive Reinforcement 

Positive reinforcement isn’t just something that works on your toddler or puppy, it’s also something that us adults can benefit from as well. Experts agree that positive reinforcement can strengthen positive behaviors (like exercise and healthy eating), and can boost motivation for success. 

Give yourself the gift of positive reinforcement this year by doing this one simple task—have one of your favorite motivational quotes on your phone and computer home screen, and print out a few and place them on your fridge or pantry. 

Choose quotes that will help keep you on track with your fitness goals like “when you feel like quitting, remember why you started.” That simple reinforcement can do wonders for keeping you in the game when it comes to tackling your goals this year. 

#5 Limit Digital Use 

Ok, we get that this sound cray, especially because we just got done telling you about four ways to use digital habits for health this year. But, in this case, we’re talking about something a bit different. This year, make it a goal to dial back your social media digital use (don’t worry, you can still check your Insta daily!) While we aren’t telling you to totally unplug and go off the social media grid, unplugging for even a half-hour each day is good for the soul. 

So, instead of immediately checking your email or scrolling through Instagram the second you wake up in the AM, why not get a quick morning stretch or meditation in? Or, try putting your phone down for 30 minutes before bed each night. Finding relaxing things to do in place of scrolling through social media can really help you find your Zen amongst all the craziness you have going on each day. 

Take Advantage of Digital Health Habits This Year 

With all this being said, there’s no denying that everything is going digital. And, while limiting your social media time a little bit each day can be very beneficial, the ability to track your steps, food and water intake each day can actually be a really healthy way to make the most of all things digital in 2020. 

So, make the most of this digital world that we live in by taking your health goals to the next level this year.