A Lookback at the Top 2019 Wellness Trends We Loved

2019 came with a healthy dose of body love and positivity, and we’re loving it.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

With 2019 coming to an end, we thought there was no better time than now to take a look back at some of the diet, fitness, and wellness trends we absolutely loved—2019 was all about body love, and we are totally on board with this. Read on to learn about the top 2019 wellness trends we want you to bring into the new year! 

The Top 2019 Wellness Trends We Loved This Year 

#1 Body positivity movement

One of the top 2019 wellness trends this year was the beginning of the body positivity movement. This is all about self-acceptance and learning to love yourself. This has been a total game-changing movement that has transformed how society views the body. We said goodbye to the idea that we “should” be a certain size, and welcomed the idea that a healthy weight isn’t a one-size fits all. 

#2 F Diet Culture

In previous years, the diet craze was strong. We were thrilled when 2019 made a major shift in the wellness industry. More people jumped on board with the F Diet Culture tends that we hope holds strong in 2020. 

And, while the anti-diet movement isn’t an invitation to eat unhealthy foods, it’s more about adopting a healthy and realistic balance (that’s what life’s about, right?) So, keep in mind that this anti-diet movement is still very much about promoting healthy habits. The difference is that the focus is on giving you the control to decide which healthy foods and habits help you feel your absolute best, and then finding balance within. It’s also very focused on making sure you are optimizing your self-care routine and moving your body through exercise that feels amazing for you. It gives you the control as opposed to letting a diet dictate what you can and cannot do. 

Yes, you have the power, lady! You have the power to take the reigns and decide which health habits are going to make you feel your absolute best. 

#3 Self-care Went Mainstream

Self-care became the norm this year, and we couldn’t be happier. While once viewed as being a “luxury,” us ladies realized that self-care is not selfish, it’s actually essential. And not only that but how we practice self-care also shifted. 2019 brought some light to the fact that if we have to stress about how we’re going to take care of ourselves with these lavish self-care days, we are less likely to do it. 

Finding simplicity in our self-care routine became the new norm. Even just listening to your favorite podcast while sipping a cup of tea or reading a good book is a form of self-care, and something 2019 showed us we all need to do more of! 

#4 Unplugging Got Big

With the way the world is today, we’re all on our phones 24/7. However, even in this digital world, one of the top 2019 wellness trends was to learn how to unplug. Unplugging is good for the mind, body, and soul, and something we should really all be doing at least a little bit each day. 

#5 People Started Ditching Their Gym Memberships

This year proved that gone are the days where you have to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive gym membership to get in shape. This is where all of these digital advances help us out. We can now get a good sweat in right from the comfort of our own home—yup, you don’t even have to get in your gym clothes to work out if you don’t want to. Workout in your PJs right from your living room and still get in amazing shape. 

Not only will you feel more motivated to workout knowing that you can just press play and workout whenever you can squeeze it in, but you’ll save yourself tons of cashola each year. Win, win! 

#6 One-Stop Wellness Was Totally In

In 2019, we also got away from having to go to five different places to get our wellness and self-care practices in. 2019 brought on one-stop wellness shops. Basically, you can now find the Target of wellness spots, where you can find everything under one roof. 

Get your acupuncture, therapy, and nutrition counseling in one spot. This trend came about this year as Millenials are starting to demand improvements to the wellness industry with an emphasis on community, and we’re totally loving this! 

Take These Trends into 2020 

We totally loved these top 2019 wellness trends, and just because we’re gearing up for a new year, there’s no reason why we can’t bring these trends into 2020! There were some pretty big shifts in the health and wellness industry this year, many of which were really positive. 

So, let’s keep up the positive momentum, and make 2020 our healthiest year yet.