The Best Self-Care Strategies to Take into 2021

Cheers to accidentally creating these amazing habits!

By: Emma Lunsford

Who knew this year (of all years!) would be when we learn how to actually prioritize self-care. But it makes sense, right? With extra time at home, most have had to expand to other activities outside of late nights out. And with world stress higher than usual, we’ve come to a realization: self-care matters. But it’s not just about a random facemask here and there. It’s about self-care strategies that work for you and your lifestyle. 

Which Self-Care Strategies Should Stay? Top 10 Favorites for 2021

Here at FitOn, we propose these newfangled self-care tactics stay for the long haul. Stay tuned for our favorites to take into 2021! 

#1 The Art of Reaching Out: Community At Work!

One of the biggest changes of the year? Recognizing that loneliness is no joke. Humans are social creatures, after all! We thrive best around loving friends and family who help us feel safe, and when that’s taken away, our survival mode switches on. We know we’re better off with people! 

Thankfully, 2020 has shown us that reaching out and asking for help is a) extremely important and b) doesn’t make you weak. So, continue scheduling those calls and FaceTime with your favorite people. It’s an amazing de-stressor! 

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#2 Pristine Routines: Creating a Solid Schedule

Our bodies can’t stand uncertainty. Think about it. Whenever you try something for the first time, you may get the jitters or feel anxious. It’s because your brain doesn’t know what to expect! Unfortunately, this year has been nothing but what-ifs

The best way to calm an uncertain mind? Stick to a routine. A routine is full of security because you know exactly what’s coming. And it’s even better if you fill it with positive self-care strategies. Double self-care whammy! 

P.S. It’s okay to mix up your routine every once in a while to keep things fresh. You want to stay calm, but you don’t want to be bored! 

#3 Introspection & Self-Awareness: Getting to Know the Real You

Raise your hand if you’ve spent most of 2020 alone. It’s said that one of the best ways to get to know yourself is to spend a long period of time alone. Suddenly, you start asking questions like, “What actually makes me happy?” Instead of relying on others to fill in the gaps or avoid issues, you’re forced to face the facts. 

This introspection, while scary at first, plays a huge role in self-awareness — knowing the real you without any input from others. The payoff is life-changing personal development. All it takes is a little bit of courage!

#4 Making Movement a Nonnegotiable

No gym, no worries! With nothing better to do, why not do a home workout? Not only does it lift your spirits, but exercise is also a key part of supporting overall wellness. Plus, there are so many ways to make it fun and exciting, and you can use little to no equipment. Pick a workout that suits your needs and get started today. 

#5 Fresh, Nutritious Meals From Your Own Kitchen

Ahhhh, the power of a home-cooked meal! Tired of the same takeout every other day, some have taken up the chef’s hat in their own kitchen. This means you’re eating less salt and saving money — win/win! 

Bonus points if you’re focusing on nutritious meals, too. Since stress levels are high, it’s extremely important to be fueling your body with high-quality foods to give it the extra support you need.

Want more ideas? Give these recipes a go!

#6 More Hobbies, Less Worries: Find What You Love

Let’s circle back to that introspection real quick. To tackle boredom and a slower pace of life, hobbies swoop in to save your sanity. As you amp up your self-awareness, you start to realize what you love doing. Maybe it’s a 1500 word puzzle, gardening, or reading. Either way, you’ll definitely be entering 2021 with more hobbies than you started with. 

There’s nothing better than doing what makes you happy. 

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#7 Re-Energizing With Rest: Snoozes Galore!

Who’s ready to bring back naps for good? We certainly are! Instead of powering through the day on 3-4 hours of sleep, rest takes center stage — for good reason! Stress is exhausting, and it’s crucial to give your body time to recover. 

Read up on these hacks for syncing your circadian rhythm! Your body will thank you. 

#8 Now a Top Priority– Stress Management

2020 certainly brought its fair share of stress. But instead of feeling bleh 24/7, self-care strategies shine with de-stress tactics like meditation, breathing, and yoga. We’ve always known stress has super negative impacts, and we’ve definitely seen some of its consequences this year. But now, we can go into 2021 knowing how to manage our stress better than ever. 

#9 Stop the Scroll & Switch Off

Phone addiction is no joke. We sleep with our phone next to our bed, freak out when it’s suddenly gone from our pocket, and find the constant urge to check those notifications. But the big kahuna? Checking the news too often. It can immediately switch on that stress response because, oh hello again, uncertainty! 

We’re still learning how to stop the scroll and switch off. Digital detox days have never been more important! 

#10 Home Environment Impacts: Decluttering

Boredom makes you do crazy things… like say, declutter your closet or clean out your refrigerator.  But who would’ve thought these simple tasks could actually turn into something really positive? Environment plays a huge factor in how you feel and is often a direct reflection of what’s going on in your mind. 

If you’ve got a messy desk, it might be time to clear it away and address those piling up thoughts. Thanks, 2020, for at least making me find the sweatpants I’ve been missing for years! 

Make Self-Care Work For The Long Game

Self-care isn’t a one-and-done deal. It’s a series of habits that, over time, lead to huge, positive results, like lower stress and better mental health — things we could all use a little more of going into 2021!