How to Stop Overeating With the Power of Self-Care

Unleash that inner self-loving goddess to finally say goodbye to old habits.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Let’s talk self-care—it’s totally a non-negotiable around here. We strongly believe that we all deserve a hefty dose of it each and every day. Self-care is not only something we should be doing to take better care of our mental health, but it may actually be the missing link for anyone who wants to know how to stop overeating. 

Let’s talk self-care—it’s totally a non-negotiable around here. We strongly believe that we all deserve a hefty dose of it each and every day. Self-care is not only something we should be doing to take better care of our mental health, but it may actually be the missing link for anyone who wants to know how to stop overeating. 

We’re breaking down exactly how you can use the power of self-care to finally take charge of your eating habits and say goodbye to overeating. 

Stop Overeating With a Daily Dose of Self Care

If overeating seems to be a consistent theme in your life, it may be a sign that you need a serious dose of self-love and self-care. 

For some of us, we overeat when we’re stressed. It’s a common issue, as many of us rely on food to help us feel better during times we feel like crap. Our day gets crazy, and we look for an outlet to destress and relax. For some of us, this means reaching for that tub of ice cream after a bad day. 

For others, we choose food (like a brownie or cupcake) as a reward when we reach a goal, only to feel horrible about it after we’ve eaten three or four of them. 

No matter what the pattern, if you’re reading this, then overeating is likely something that’s bothering you, and emotional eating may be a piece to the overeating puzzle. 

What is Emotional Eating?

Emotional eating tends to occur as a way to use food as comfort to cover up different emotions like stress, sadness, and loneliness. Emotional eating triggers can even pop up in social situations, or in times of happiness (like looking to food as a reward). 

We’re going to break down some ways to help use self love and self care as a way to make it easier to break the cycle of emotional eating. And, science shows that regular acts of self-care through supporting your health with healthy lifestyle habits can drastically help overcome emotional eating and overeating habits. 

Some of the best ways to support yourself and overcome emotional eating habits is to make sleep, exercise, and healthy eating a priority. Read on for deets on how to implement these things IRL. 

Real talk—if overeating is something that consumes you, it’s important to speak with your doctor and not struggle alone (no one should ever have to). 

Here’s How to Show Yourself Some Love Each Day 

Self-care is one of those things that many of us busy ladies don’t think we have time for. I mean, of course, we don’t have time to schedule in a weekly pedicure between our kid’s soccer practice, hectic work life, and taking care of our endless to-dos.

For serious, many of us are barely making it to our every six-week hair trim appointment (are we right?) 

But, what if you changed the way you thought about self-care? 

Here are simple ways to show up for you each day that don’t require massive time commitments. 

#1 Evening Self-Care Routine

The simple act of putting together a 5-minute evening skin care routine for yourself is, for sure, an amazing way to show yourself some love. 

#2 Clean Eating

Making a choice to eat healthy is also one of the best forms of self-care and an amazing way to practice self-love. It’s giving your body what it needs to thrive (what’s a better act of love than that?) When you choose to eat wholesome and nourishing foods, the chances of you overeating is less. 

Why? Because nutritious foods (like veggies, fruits, legumes) are loaded with fiberfiber is filling, so you are more likely to feel full and nourished instead of going in for seconds and third portions. 

#3 Moving Your Body 

Want another simple hack to show up for yourself every damn day? Just press play on a 10-minute FitOn workout. Not only is it doing something amazing for your mind and your body, but getting a sweat sesh in when cravings hit can actually serve as a tool to calm that craving and provide a healthy distraction to help you walk away from that desire to overeat.

#4 Use an Emotional Eating Journal 

An emotional eating journal can be a valuable tool in overcoming triggers and overeating. Next time you’re feeling triggered, grab your journal and write down the situation you’re in, how you’re feeling, and what you’re craving. Doing this regularly can help piece together certain patterns, and with greater awareness comes a better sense of control over these emotional eating habits. 

#5 Take 5

If you’re feeling an emotional eating trigger coming on, take five. Seriously, just take five minutes to think. This can be a powerful tool in putting a stop to a sudden downward spiral that can lead to overeating. It can help you recenter, calm your mind, and help you think about why you’re being triggered or craving a certain food. 

Just take five. Breathe, and recompose yourself before giving in to a craving. 

#6 Give Yourself Grace 

And, after you’ve given yourself five, be kind to yourself. We all have cravings, and we have to learn how to be gentle with ourselves. Talk to yourself like you would talk to a friend. Being kind to ourselves goes a long way in establishing healthier habits moving forward. 

#7 Pamper Yourself on the Reg 

In addition to getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating clean, don’t forget to pamper yourself with something a little extra special, too. Use non-food ways to reward all your health progress. 

Buy a new workout outfit, or get a pedicure once a month. Finding healthy ways to pamper yourself that doesn’t involve food is a great way to establish healthy habits, while also practicing regular self care. 

Unleash Your Inner Power to Break The Cycle of Overeating 

The bottom line is that self-care doesn’t have to be so time-consuming that we get overwhelmed about the thought of doing it. Small, but very consistent acts of daily self-care is really going to help get you to a place of resisting that urge to overeat, and with consistent effort, it may just become easier and easier.

Before you know it, you may just unleash that inner power to completely break that cycle of overeating. 

So, go on and take care of you today! That inner goddess is waiting to make some major shifts and finally reign in some old patterns that no longer serve you. 

Get Help If Needed: It’s important to know that while self-care is always a good idea, if overeating is something that’s consuming you, it’s always important to speak with your doctor, so don’t be afraid to reach out for help.