How To Practice Self-Care During Self Isolation

10 Ways to work your way down that self-care list while stuck at home.

By: Emmy Schneider-Green

Maybe your usual escape is a happy hour with friends and your idea of self-care looks like retail therapy or taking a good hot yoga class to unwind. But things change when there’s a quarantine and global pandemic, and suddenly many of us have been left to create new normal.

During this period of isolation, self-care is just one of the things we’re having to look at in a new light . 

And practice self-care we must. In a time of global stress and uncertainty, now more than ever, it’s essential to be doing all we can to keep ourselves healthy not just physically (by moving your body, sleeping plenty, staying hydrated, and eating healthy, balanced meals) but also mentally and emotionally.

Whether you’re isolated with your family, a significant other, or all on your own, it’s essential to learn to recharge without the usual distractions of going out, being social, or even catching up with friends. In order to slow the spread of this virus, we’re all having to learn how to cope with staying in and keeping isolated far more than normal.

Luckily, though it’s not clear how long we’ll be living like this, this current reality isn’t forever. The truth is, the more we can practice self-isolation, the quicker we’ll be able to venture back out again. 

But for now, while you’re doing your part to stay home and slow the spread, here are some great ways to practice self-care without leaving your house.

10 Ways to Practice Self-Care During Isolation

#1 Connect

Connect with friends over Facetime, the phone, or host a video call with all of your besties to catch up.

#2 Take up Journaling 

It’s a great way to get your thoughts down on paper to relieve stress and anxiety when everything feels overwhelming.

#3 Practice Meditation

The benefits are too numerous to count, and meditation has been scientifically shown to improve our mental state and overall well being. If you find yourself feeling anxious or unable to calm your racing thoughts, following along with a guided meditation on an app or DIY it — even for a few minutes a day.

#4 Sweat it Out! 

Have you ever worked out and not felt better? We didn’t think so! Now is the time for at-home exercises, and there’s no way you won’t feel better (both mentally and physically) from a good sweat sesh. 

We’ve got you covered there!

#5 Finally Finish Those Books on Your Bedside Table

Netflix binges are great, but have you ever lost yourself in a true page-turner? Reading can transport us to a different world and give our brains a much-needed escape. 

Many libraries are offering free digital books if your reading selection is low.

#6 Learn Something New With an Online Class or Course

Self-care doesn’t always have to look like totally vegging out. Sometimes, geeking out over a course can be an awesome distraction while teaching you something new.

#7 Pamper Yourself with a DIY Spa Day at Home 

We suggest a mani/pedi plus a facemask and/or hair treatment! You deserve it.

#8 Cook Yourself Healthy Meals 

We all know that what we choose to put on our plates has a direct impact on the way we feel, so there’s no better time than while quarantined to try out some new recipes you haven’t gotten around to making.

#9 Have a Movie Night With Friends — Virtually

Services like Netflix Party allow you to watch a movie at the same time as a friend and chat back and forth with your reactions. No need to Netflix and chill all alone!

#10 Get Some Sunshine

If you can safely leave your house for a walk without being around people, or even lay out in your yard if you have one, do it! Getting vitamin D is essential for health and wellbeing and can seriously boost your spirits.

Finally, Put Self-Care First 

This time of self-isolation presents us with challenges we never had to think about before. It’s an uncertain new reality, but while we all do our part to prevent the spreading of COVID-19, use this time to work your way down this list of self-care ideas.