Your Election Day Self-Care Plan

Here are a few things to do to help bust through Election Day stress.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

There’s no denying the fact that this year has been stressful — the global pandemic has brought on a whole new level of stress for many of us, and pair that with all the Election Day tension, so many of us may be feeling extra anxious lately. 

The good news? Having a self-care plan in place is an excellent way to help us cope with Election Day stress. Plus, these tips and tricks are things that we all could benefit from, no matter what our Election Day plans look like or how stressed we’re feeling today.

12 Way to Help Bust Election Day Stress 

#1 Meditation 

There’s never been a better time to practice mindfulness and take a few minutes out of your day to just Zen it out. Try starting your day with a five-minute FitOn meditation, or better yet, sign up for our meditation challenge to continue to help bust through Election Day stress all week long. 

#2 Be Mindful With Your Social Media Use Today  

Social media can bring on added stress on any given day, but today may be a great day to just take a bit of a social media detox, even if it’s just for a few hours while you practice some self-care — trust us, social media will still be there later, so just be mindful of how much you use it today.

#3 Book That Spa Appointment 

If you’ve been meaning to schedule in a mani or Pedi or get a massage, why not see if you can get an appointment on the books for today or sometime this week? There’s truly no better way to combat all the Election Day stress and jitters than by getting in some much-deserved self-care. 

#4 Random Acts of Kindness Can Go a Long Way Today 

Let’s face it — the entire nation is likely to be on edge today, and the best thing we all can be is kind. If you’re out and about, try holding the door for someone, or if you’re really feeling it, buy the car behind you in the Starbucks line a coffee. Kindness goes a long way in not only helping others feel better, but for us too, and it tends to be contagious. Let’s all focus on being a little extra kind today to others and ourselves. 

#5 Deck The Halls Early 

Yes, yes, it’s still early, but many schools are closed for Election Day, and if you happen to have the day off of work, why not get yourself into the holiday spirit and start decorating a tad early this year? No, you don’t have to put up your tree today, but even making one of your family’s traditional holiday recipes may leave you feeling a bit more positive as we work through all this Election Day Stress. 

#6 Get Outside 

If being stuck inside is leaving you feeling jittery and even more stressed out, get your sneakers on, and get out for a brisk walk. Whether you bring your dog, your spouse, your friend, or you just go for a walk alone to clear your head, a  little fresh air does the mind and body some good. 

#7 Try a Calming Workout (or two) 

If you tend to gravitate towards HIIT workouts, maybe take a slower pace today and try a calming workout instead. It can be as simple as just winding down after an intense day by relaxing in child’s pose for a few minutes and doing some deep breathing or pressing play on a FitOn yoga flow. 

Here are some great options to get you started: 

#8 Make Yourself a Healthy Comfort Food Meal 

Wrap up Election Day by making yourself your favorite comfort food dish, made healthy (check out these recipes here) or order your favorite healthy takeout! 

Better yet, have dinner with your friends, family, or spouse, whether it’s in-person, or virtually and play a board game or watch Netflix.  It’ll be the much-needed break from Election Day stress so many of us could benefit from. 

#9 Catch Up On Your Favorite Series 

If you’re not into watching a movie, but you need some entertainment to just take your mind off of the stress going on around us, why not catch up on your favorite TV series? Brew a mug of herbal tea, grab a healthy snack, and get comfy. Here’s your invitation to take a much-needed mental break and just veg out for a bit. 

#10 Read a Book or Listen to an Encouraging Podcast 

If you find some relaxation in reading or listening to a positive, encouraging podcast, now may be a great day to just carve out 30 minutes or even an hour to just read and relax to help settle those jitters, even for just a period of time. 

#11 Start or Finish Out a New Project 

Need a distraction? Consider starting a new project — maybe something you’ve been meaning to fix around your house, or maybe even get a head start on holiday cards or even start a new art project. 

On the flip side, it may also be a great time to finish a project you’ve meant to get around to for some time. 

#12 Surround Yourself With Positive People 

Last but certainly not least is to surround yourself with positive people. Whether this means inviting your closest friends over to enjoy that healthy comfort food dish or having a virtual lunch date with people who make you smile — just surround yourself with positive people that will help keep the positive vibes flowing! 

Combat Election Day Stress & Add Some Extra Self-Care Into Your Routine Today 

No matter what Election Day looks like for you or how you choose to spend it, take time for you. There’s never been a better time to practice some self-care, even if it just means carving out an hour or two for relaxation today.