5 Quick Ways to Quiet Your Anxious Mind During Self-isolation

Because we all could use some Zen right now.

By: Kate Imogen

Living through a pandemic is extremely stressful. It’s a perfectly natural human reaction to feel anxious right now. If you’re feeling distressed and worried, here are five ways to grab back a little sense of calm for yourself and calm an anxious mind. 

5 Ways to Calm an Anxious Mind During Self-Isolation 

#1 Count Things to Distract Yourself 

You could try a nifty little Cognitive Behavioural Therapy trick — interrupt your anxious thoughts by listing something of a particular category. It could be colors, or street names, or capital cities. 

Feeling anxious at night? Try listing baby animals (calf, fawn, puppy). It just gently brings you back to reality, helping calm an anxious mind if you’ve started to obsess over negative thoughts. 

#2 Smell Something Lovely 

Lavender oil is most commonly known to help promote a sense of calm. You could keep a little bottle of it by your bedside and dab a small amount on your wrists or fingers. Inhale deeply, focus on the smell and then exhale through the mouth. Even if the scent itself doesn’t work magic, the act of concentrating on your breath should calm you down. 

#3 Stretch it Out 

We hold a lot of tension in our bodies when we’re anxious. Stretching can be an extremely soothing activity. Try morning routine with Jonathan Van Ness or this “feel good” stretch session with Danielle Pascente. 

#4 Turn Off Your Phone

Scrolling through Instagram or reading the news can just be stressful at the moment. Try having some quiet time away from your phone, or at least put it on airplane mode for a little peace. 

#5 Talk to Someone Who Gets It 

This might be a therapist, a partner, a friend, or maybe a family member. Sometimes it helps to name the emotion you’re feeling and talk it through with someone you trust. 

It’s ok to Feel Anxious — Try These Five Hacks to Welcome in Some Zen 

When in doubt, question the validity of your anxious thoughts, do something soothing, or try to zone out for a while on your own. It takes time to manage anxiety, but you will find something that works for you.