The Top 7 Healthy Beverage Trends of 2019 We Can All Get on Board With

Get a glass ready-we’re letting you in on the top beverage trends of the year.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

From CBD-infused beverages to Fit Wines, we are talking the top healthy beverage trends of 2019, and trust you’re going to want in on this. These healthy beverage trends take traditional beverages to a whole new level, and chances are, you’ll want to try them all.

So, grab your cup, your reusable straw, and get ready to pour yourself a glass of one of these trending drinks of the year.

Healthy Beverage Trends That are Trending Right Now

#1 Dairy Free Milk

As more people are questioning their need to drink cow’s milk, people are starting to become seriously obsessed with the various nut milk options out there. From oat to almond, coconut, and cashew milk, the options are endless, and sure to continue buzzing around the health and wellness industry this year. Plus, how can we not get excited about dairy-free milk options like macadamia milk in our morning cup of coffee? These more exotic options make drinking milk seem more like a luxury, all while packing in some added nutritional value.

And, not only that but plant-based creamers are also getting some attention right now as more coffee lovers are starting to become interested in different ways to add that splash of cream to their morning cup of joe each day. Companies are listening and are starting to get creative, offering creamy and even more delicious options than regular old half and half.

#2 Juice Cleanses

Celery juice cleanses are booming right now, and celery juice has found itself being one of the trendiest beverages of the year so far. Since celebrities like Kim Kardashian and model Miranda Kerr backed up Medical Mediums celery juice cleanse, people can’t stop buzzing about what it can do for your health. From improved digestion, to increase energy levels, celery juice appears to have what it takes to stick around for a while.

#3 Golden Milk

While turmeric milk lattes and golden milk have been around for quite a few years now, it’s still a tending beverage and a way to continue to get in your daily dose of this powerful anti-inflammatory spice (we totally aren’t mad about this.) Plus, according to Beverage Daily, globally-inspired flavors are totally in this year. So, expect to see an increased demand for things like turmeric, ginger, and cardamom.

#4 CBD-Infused Beverages

Yep, the CBD oil industry is totally going there and now offering CBD-infused beverages. Just when we thought the CBD oil had hit its peak, CBD oil infused beverages have surfaced, sparking the attention of many. From CBD in cold-brew coffee to CBD infused coconut water, this beverage trend is totally trending right now.

#5 Adaptogen Beverage Boosters

Adaptogens are becoming more mainstream, and we’re not complaining! These are herbs that can help restore balance in the body and support the body during times of stress. Adaptogen powders are totally getting popular as are medicinal mushroom blends that you can mix right into your drink. These adaptogens make the ideal way to help stabilize energy levels throughout the day without feeling completely wired.

#6 Fit Wine

Yup, you heard that right. This year is all about the fit wine because we are all getting smarter about the amazing health benefits of staying fit and active (but, us girls still need a glass of pinot grigio every now and then) can we get an amen? So, welcome FitVine, a company that offers wine with less than one gram of sugar (keto-friendly!) and no artificial flavors. Thanks to FitVine, we can now have a glass of red without completely throwing off all of our fitness success.

#7 It’s all About Sustainability

2018 was the year of purging all sources of plastic, so chances are, you ditched the plastic water bottles, and started putting your leftovers in glass containers last year. With 2018 starting the sustainability trend, it looks like 2019 is sure to continue this path with a stronger emphasis on getting rid of things like plastic straws and cups. So, next time you are at your local juice bar or cafe, don’t be surprised if your Barista hands you an eco-friendly cup and tells you they have done away with straws. Be prepared to stock up on reusable stainless steel or paper straws to drink your iced coffee from this year. The demand for an increase in sustainability and eco-conscious thinking is taking the wellness industry by the horns and making some serious headway.

So far, this year has been the year of healthy beverage trends with countless options to choose from. If your beverage game is feeling a little drab lately, go on and try one of these trends to pack in a punch of excitement and nutrition into what you fill your cup with each day.