7 Sugar Replacements For All Your Holiday Baking

Because eating those holiday cookies should not have to come with a side of guilt.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

It’s the most sugary time of the year, and we are in the thick of the holiday season madness. By the time Halloween rolls around, there’s sugar, sugar everywhere, and it really doesn’t stop until the new year. But, get this—with these seven sugar replacements for baking, you can have that holiday pie and eat it too (without the guilt.) 

Ready to transform the way you do holiday baking? We got you covered. 

The Top 7 Sugar Replacements For Baking This Holiday Season 

#1 Raw Honey

Try swapping out regular old table sugar for some raw honey. Not only is raw honey deliciously sweet, but it packs in some added health benefits. In fact, raw honey is pretty amazing for supporting immune health, it packs in a hefty dose of antioxidants, and may even be beneficial for gut health. So, go on and feel good about your sweetener of choice, because when you choose honey, you’re doing something great for your health. 

#2 Pure Maple Syrup

Here’s another natural sweetener that happens to be one of our fav sugar replacements for baking. It happens to pair well with just about all of your holiday baking needs and comes with health benefits you just wouldn’t get from regular sugar. Pure maple syrup is a good source of zinc, calcium, and magnesium. We love us some pure maple syrup in homemade almond flour muffins or drizzled over coconut flour pancakes. 

#3 Coconut Sugar

Looking for some easy sugar replacements for baking that don’t require any confusing sugar swapping ratio? With coconut sugar, you don’t have to worry about figuring out how much to use in your favorite holiday recipes. Simply swap regular sugar with coconut sugar at a 1:1 ratio. Yup, it’s that easy, and  you’ll wind up getting the benefit of added minerals and insulin (a fiber), which may help slow glucose absorption

#4 Swerve

Looking for a low-carb sugar replacement for all of your baking needs this holiday season? Swerve happens to be a great option. It’s granulated, looks and tastes similar to sugar, but without all the added carbs (yes, please!) It measures cup for cup just like sugar does and is free from any artificial ingredients, fillers, and all the yucky stuff we don’t want to add to our healthy baked treats. 

#5 Stevia

Stevia is one of the more popular low-carb and zero cal sweeteners. It’s one of those sugar replacements for baking where a little goes a long way. It’s a whopping 200 times sweetener than sugar, so we’re serious when we say slow your roll with the added stevia in your favorite holiday cookie recipe! You can find liquid, granulated, and even powdered stevia. The best thing to do is look on the back of the stevia package for serving recommendations, as it really does vary depending on what kind you use. 

Oh, and for this time of year, liquid vanilla cream flavored stevia tastes delish in all of your holiday baking treats! 

#6 Monk Fruit

Monk fruit has started to become more mainstream since the boom in the keto and low carb diet craze. It’s a great natural low carb sweetener that doesn’t contain all those yucky additives many of the more well-known artificial sweeteners do. It’s naturally sweet, holds some anti-inflammatory properties, and sweeteners like this Lakanato Monkfruit Sweetener can be used as a 1:1 sugar replacement. Sign us up for easy and low-carb holiday baking, please! 

#7 Date Sugar

Dates are naturally sweet, so it makes sense that date sugar would make a great natural way to sweeten your holiday treats. Here’s another one of those sugar replacements for baking that can replace white sugar cup for cup. Try using it in your fav holiday brownies, cookies, or even pie recipes. 

Keep it Sweet 

Keep things sweet this holiday season without all the added refined and inflammatory sugar. Try replacing white sugar with some of these sugar replacements for baking that taste just as good as the real thing. We promise, your dinner party guests won’t even know you made these healthy swaps—they are that delish!