Meal Prep

5 Hacks for Meal Prepping Like a Boss

Meal prepping can completely transform your health, and we’re showing you how.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Meal prepping, it’s either something you love, or it’s something you love to hate. But, love it or hate it, meal prepping can actually be one of those tools that can be the gamechanger you need for tackling your wellness goals. 

We’re spilling all the deets you need to know about how to meal prep like a boss (and have fun doing it). Want in? We got you covered. 

So, Why is Meal Prepping So Important?

We hear about meal prepping more times than we would like, but there’s a reason for this. Meal prepping is actually a really important tool for keeping your healthy eating goals on track. Not only does it ensure that you always have something nourishing to munch on, but it actually influences your daily eating habits, and can save you so much of your precious time. 

Here are just a handful of reasons why meal prepping is the bomb, and why it may be your new healthy eating secret weapon. 

  • Meal prepping can save you time (lots of it)

Having that batch meal prepped and in the freezer ready to heat up when you get home from a long day at work will prove to be valuable when you just don’t have time to cook. While the act of meal prepping takes some time,  it will definitely be worth it when you have something nourishing during the craziness of the week. 

  • You’ll be Healthier

When you have home-cooked foods prepped and ready, you’ll naturally be making healthier eating choices. With healthy eating comes greater health. So, no more excuses as to why you don’t have time to prep dinner, or why the drive-thru was easier. Having meals prepared will be easier and healthier in the long run.

  • Influences Your Eating Habits (in a good way)

When you meal prep, you’re the boss, and in charge of the ingredients you use. The healthier you cook, the more this may become a healthy habit. When you start making healthy meal preparation choices, this may carry over into different areas of your life as well—such as what snacks you choose to munch on at work, or how many workouts you get in per week. So, keep your meal prepping days full of healthy and nutritious recipes, and get in the habit of eating clean.

  • Meal Prepping Keeps Your Wallet Healthy Too

Oh, and let’s not forget about how much moula meal prepping can save you. You can batch cook, where you mix and match the same ingredients, making various different recipes to save money. Plus, skipping takeout each night will for sure save you money. So, keep that cash in your wallet, all while feeding your body all the nourishing goodness it needs. 

5 Hacks For Meal Prepping Like a Boss 

#1 Get Stocked 

First things first, and that’s to stock up on supplies you’ll find useful to make meal prepping like a boss easier. Stock up on things like glass food storage containers, measuring spoons, and cups, and even containers that have dividers to show you how to divide your food prepared meals. Reusable silicone food storage bags are also amazing for storing your foods in.

Don’t think you need to spend a ton of money on these things—Target is a magical place with lots of affordable cookware, so make a Target run to stock up on some cute kitchen supplies before your next day. 

#2 Pick the Right Day 

You also want to pick the right day. Don’t meal prep on a day where you’re totally stressed out and crunched for time. If you can, pick a day that you can stick to every single week to make it a healthy habit. 

If your schedule varies, don’t sweat it! Just pick one day at the start of each week that you can commit a few hours to meal prepping. 

#3 Meal Plan 

So, what are you going to prep? This is where meal planning comes in. Making a meal plan ahead of time for the week, or even for the month will make meal prep days a breeze. Plan out your meals, head to the grocery store, and get started! By doing so, you won’t be frantically trying to whip together a bunch of recipes you’re quickly looking for online or from cookbooks that are sitting in your kitchen. 

Trust us—meal planning is a huge part of taking the stress out of meal preparation. 

#4 Have Fun With It 

Don’t forget to have fun. While not everyone loves meal prepping, find a way to enjoy it. Pump up a favorite playlist, put your headphones in and listen to a podcast, or get a friend to join in. The more fun you can make it, the less daunting it will be. 

#5 Label, Label, Label 

Now that your meals are prepared don’t forget to label! You can find some plain stickers to write out the recipe name and a date. This will make things SO much easier when you are digging through your fridge looking for what recipe to heat up for dinner. 

Go Into Meal Prep Day Like a Boss

Ready to roll up your sleeves and start using meal prepping to your advantage? You go this! Use these hacks to meal prep like a boss and push your health goals just a little further with the power of healthy eating, one healthy meal at a time.