Healthy Eating

Here’s How to Order a Healthy Takeout Option That Won’t Totally Bust Your Diet

From pizza night to Chinese takeout, read this to make healthier picks.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

If you’ve been taking advantage of takeout for many of your meals lately, you’re totally not alone.

To help you stay on track with your healthy eating goals, use these hacks to make takeout night a tad healthier, but still totally delicious.

5 Must-Know Tips For Ordering Healthy Takeout 

#1 Get That Dressing on the Side 

While it may seem like that salad is the healthiest option on the menu, it also really depends on what dressing is used. Instead of ordering your salad with the dressing ON, request dressing on the side. This way, you can decide how much you put on your salad, or skip it altogether and use a healthier option you have at home like olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 

You can also ask what options they have when calling in your order. 

Some healthier dressing picks include: 

  • Apple cider vinegar 
  • Olive oil & balsamic vinegar 
  • Or just ask for freshly squeezed lemon juice 

#2 Make Healthy Swaps 

Eyeing up that burrito bowl? Try making some of your favorite picks a healthy takeout option by choosing a whole grain like brown rice vs. white rice or quinoa if offered! 

And, swap out french fries for things like steamed veggies and choose grilled poultry instead of fried. 

#3 Craving Pizza? Read This

Having a family pizza night? You can totally enjoy it without guilt. Here’s how to make pizza a healthy takeout option. 

  • Choose cauliflower pizza crust (if available)
  • Skip the pepperoni and go heavy on the veggies 
  • Ask for half the amount of cheese
  • Add protein with some grilled chicken or tofu 

#4 Tips For Ordering in Italian Food 

Craving pasta? You can turn Italian food takeout into a healthier pick. Here are some swaps the whole family can get on board with. 

  • Ask for a gluten-free pasta option (if available)
  • Go low-carb if spiralized veggie options are offered  
  • Skip the heavy cheese-based pasta dishes and choose pasta with marinara sauce and steamed veggies with a sprinkle of favorite cheese (or skip the cheese altogether)
  • Add protein with some grilled chicken, salmon, or tofu
  • Add a healthy fat like olives, pesto, or olive oil

#5 If You’re Ordering in Chinese Food, Use These Tips 

Turns out,  you can make healthy takeout swaps when ordering your favorite Chinese takeout dish. 

Here are some hacks to make Chinese takeout a bit healthier. 

  • Choose brown rice vs. white rice for added fiber 
  • Add extra veggies to boost the nutritional value and pack in added fiber to keep you full
  • Skip the fried options and request that your go-to dumplings be steamed instead 
  • Ask for low-sodium soy sauce 

Make Takeout Night Healthier 

If you’ve been ordering takeout more often than usual, no shame. Times are crazy right now, and sometimes it’s just easier to call in that takeout order than to cook a full meal.