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The Top Fall 2023 Food Trends

Hint: There’s more to fall than just pumpkin!

By: Lexy Parsons

As we head into autumn, we’re leaving behind our hot pink Barbie-themed summer, (which was filled with sparkling boosted teas, nutritious salty snacks, and dairy-free frozen treats). While we’ll miss this summer menu, we’re ready to welcome the flavors of fall! Including, all the anticipated fall 2023 food trends. From the newest pumpkin products and upcycled foods to sleep-supporting snacks, here’s everything to watch for this fall season.

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Innovative Pumpkin Products (Beyond Your Basic PSL)

Don’t worry, pumpkin spice lattes are here to stay! However, given the huge demand for pumpkin products, we’re seeing the market expand with new, cutting-edge products that are both nutritious and delicious. From plant-based pumpkin caviar to dairy-free pumpkin hummus, and beyond.

Pumpkin Caviar

Does it get any more innovative than pumpkin-flavored plant-based caviar? Made simply from avocado oil and pumpkin pie spices, this seasonal pumpkin treat from Chosen Foods is broadening our pumpkin horizons in the best way. It’s full of heart-healthy omegas and free from sneaky ingredients or artificial flavors. As another healthy alternative, you can try this Gingerbread Avocado oil spray for all your fall recipe needs!

Pumpkin Hummus

This Chili Crisp Pumpkin Hummus is bringing the heat to the fall-flavored shelves with a collab between Fly By Jing and Little Sesame. Now available in Whole Foods nationwide, featuring fresh ingredients like organic chickpeas, tahini, winter squash, and chili.

If you’re loving the pumpkin-flavored hummus trend, you can also stock up on Cedar’s Foods Organic Pumpkin Hummus for a limited time. Best of all, it pairs deliciously with both sweet and savory options. Enjoy this Mediterranean diet staple as a dipping sauce for grilled veggies and protein, or mixed into sweet recipes like yogurt and oat bowls.

Dairy-Free Pumpkin Pasta

If Annie’s creamy mac and cheese was a childhood fall staple, you’ll be happy to know it’s back — in a healthy way! Take a trip down memory lane with this limited-edition sweet potato and pumpkin fall-flavored mac and cheese. It’s free from added sugar, contains 6 grams of protein, and is even dairy-free and vegan-friendly! And considering comfort food made healthy is trending in the health and wellness world, you can also find other nutritious and fall-flavored pasta products like this Sweet Potato Gnocchi made from almond flour pasta or Kite Hill’s Dairy-Free Butternut Squash Ravioli (that is packed with 8 grams of protein per serving!)

While these are great easy-prep dinners when you’re busy and short on time, you can easily make your own pumpkin mac and cheese at home! Not only is this recipe dairy-free, but it’s also packed with protein and easy to customize.

Speaking of comfort foods turned healthy, here are some new 2023 pumpkin snacks that will satisfy your cravings in a healthy way:

Pumpkin Seeds as a Plant-Based Protein

Speaking of innovative ways to use pumpkin, we’re seeing the pumpkin market expand with the use of pumpkin seeds as a nutrient-rich protein alternative! Rich in minerals like zinc, magnesium, and manganese and packed with nearly 10 grams of plant-based protein per quarter cup, it’s no wonder pumpkin seeds are trending as a superfood protein source.

Pumpkin Seed Tofu Alternative

This tofu alternative by Foodies Vegan is made from filtered water and 100% organic pumpkin seeds — no other added ingredients! Named “Pumfu,” this protein-packed pumpkin product is similar to tofu in texture and consistency, but it serves as a great alternative for those who avoid soy or aren’t a fan of the flavor. It contains 17 grams of protein per serving and can be used in a variety of ways — scrambled, baked, grilled, marinated, and even air-fried!

Pumpkin Seed Ramen

This plant-based ‘chicken’ ramen is everything you love about ramen, except it’s plant-based and healthy. It comes in a pre-portioned easy-prep kit that’s vegan and keto-friendly, and it’s rich in protein and fiber. Thanks to pumpkin seeds, a single serving will provide you with 22 grams of protein. Plus, it contains 18 grams of fiber — a significant percentage of your daily needs! 

Pumpkin Seed Protein Bars

With a growing demand for more plant-based and healthy products, finding a nutritious vegan protein bar (that doesn’t taste like chalk) is no longer a chore. Among the top plant-based protein sources are hemp, peas, and brown rice. However, pumpkin seed protein is taking over as the latest protein trend. Here are the healthiest pumpkin seed protein bars to look for:

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Functional Nutrition: Gut, Brain & Immune Health

As consumers become more health conscious, there’s a growing demand for more specialized products — especially when it comes to optimizing our gut, brain, and immune health. Given the extensive research highlighting the intricate connections between nutrition and well-being, we’re seeing the importance of going beyond basic dietary needs to address specific health goals. Plus, with holidays fast approaching and cold and flu season underway, it’s important to take a proactive approach to support our physical and mental well-being. 

Here are some trending products that do just that

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Sleep-Supporting Snacks

Sleep-friendly snacks that take late-night snacking to a whole new level. mindfully created with natural ingredients (such as chamomile, lavender, and adaptogenic mushrooms like reishi) that help calm the mind, relax the body, and support a better night’s sleep. 

Try these trending store-bought products including:

Or, make your own homemade healthy sleepy snack using ingredients such as tart cherries, pistachios, and Greek yogurt!

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Salty, Crunchy, Savory Snacks Reimagined

Team savory is taking over. Consumers are craving traditional salty, crunchy snacks (like chips, popcorn, and pretzels) from familiar flavors (think: mustard, pickles, and even common dressings), but made into better-for-you products with healthier ingredients.

Want to see what this fall food trend is all about? Here are some new healthy snack products to try:

Back to the Basics

As we enter the busy fall season and head back to school and work, there’s a growing emphasis on realistic and minimalistic recipes that are easy to prep. According to a recent consumer curiosity report, 85% of consumers are very curious about simple and easy meals that can be made in 30 minutes or less. In addition to quick-prep meals, we’re all about one-pot or one-pan dinners, make-ahead meals, charcuterie-style snack plates, and following a less is more approach when it comes to ingredients — the fewer ingredients, the better!

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Upcycled & Sustainably-Sourced Foods

Gone are days of tossing your food scraps. Brands and consumers alike are seeking out innovative ways to minimize food waste and use leftovers. While there are already a multitude of products on the market, this food trend is just getting started. Let this inspire you to be more sustainable in your own kitchen! 

And if you’re looking for new innovative products, here are some top trending upcycled items to keep on your radar:

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A Fall Full of Flavor

As autumn arrives, so do the fall 2023 food trends. From pumpkin products reimagined and pumpkin seeds as protein to specialized nutrition for gut, brain, immune, and sleep health, this fall has a lot in store. Plus, we’re a healthy twist on salty and savory treats, and an emphasis on easy-prep meals and sustainable practices. No matter if you’re opting for store-bought or homemade, there are so many ways to savor the flavors of fall in a healthy and delicious way.