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5 Reasons Ditching Dairy May Be a Crazy Easy Weight Loss Hack

Going dairy-free can seem daunting—I mean being told that you can’t have cheese can seem like a tall order. However,…


Going dairy-free can seem daunting—I mean being told that you can’t have cheese can seem like a tall order. However, ditching the dairy may have some pretty great health benefits, and may even turn out to be a super easy weight loss hack. Plus, with delicious dairy free recipes, getting dairy out of your diet is easier than ever. 

We’re sharing what you need to know about how going dairy free may support your health goals, plus three delish dairy free recipes you’re going to want in on. 

Here’s Why So Many People Are Ditching Dairy 

First, let’s talk about why dairy free eating has suddenly become one of the most talked about health crazes. For one, many of us simply don’t tolerate it well. Lactose intolerance is an extremely common issue that can lead to all sorts of digestive upset (we’re talking bloating, gas, and diarrhea). So, if you suffer from these symptoms after eating that piece of cheese, it may be time to ditch the dairy. 

However, more people are jumping on the dairy free bandwagon, whether lactose intolerant or not. While milk was once marketed as one of the best ways to support bone health, research now shows that dairy products actually have very little or no benefit for bone health at all (shocking, right?) 

Regular dairy consumption has also been tied to a higher risk of certain types of cancer such as breast, ovarian, lung, and prostate cancer. 

The bottom line is that there have been some pretty scary revelations about consuming dairy products. 

This gives us more reason to ditch the milk and say yes to all the plant-based dairy-free goodness. 

What the Research Shows About Dairy & Weight Loss 

Ok, so we know that consuming dairy on the reg has been linked to some really scary health risks, but what about weight loss. Can ditching dairy be a simple weight loss hack to help you reach your goals? 

Here’s what you need to know. 

  • Dairy May Be Messing With Your Gut, Which Messes With Your Weight

If you don’t tolerate dairy, and it’s wreaking havoc on your gut health, it may be affecting your ability to lose weight. Why? Because poor gut health has been linked to weight gain, not to mention that painfully uncomfortable bloating. 

Get rid of what’s causing your digestive issues to spiral out of control (like dairy), and you may just find it easier to lose weight. 

  • Many Dairy Products Are Loaded With Sugar

Many dairy products are loaded with added sugar (we’re talking things like yogurt, coffee creamer, and ice cream). And, we all know that too much sugar is a no-go for weight loss success.

So, if dairy is a big part of your diet, you may be unintentionally consuming tons of added sugar. Ditch the dairy, lower your sugar intake, and set yourself up for weight loss success. 

  • Dairy is Linked to Inflammation

Inflammation is a big buzz word being talked about among all health experts. It’s a big deal because it’s linked to chronic disease and even weight gain. And surprisingly, dairy falls into that inflammatory food category. 

In those who are lactose intolerant and don’t produce the enzymes to break down the lactose in milk, an inflammatory response can occur, leading to all that uncomfortable digestive upset. 

But, those who aren’t lactose intolerant may still run into issues if they are reacting to the milk proteins—casein and whey. 

This inflammation is a recipe for setting us up for a higher chance of weight gain or making it difficult for us to lose weight. 

The Top 5 Dairy Free Alternatives to Stock Your Fridge With

Totally freaked out the idea of giving up cheese and saying goodbye to that bowl of ice cream? With dairy free recipes and delicious dairy free alternatives, it’s seriously easier than ever to ditch the dairy, while still enjoying some of your fav foods in a healthier way. 

Here are our top five favorite dairy free alternatives that are an absolute must for your fridge or pantry. 

#1 Nutritional Yeast VS Parmesan Cheese 

Instead of sprinkling parmesan cheese on all the things, try nutritional yeast instead. It’s packed full of B-vitamins and added protein. Plus, it has a delicious cheesy flavor, sans dairy. 

#2 Cashew Cheese VS Regular Cheese

More of a cheese and cracker kind of gal? Try cashew cheese. You can find this at places like Whole Foods, and it’s seriously ah-mazing. They also make super yummy almond-based cheeses that taste pretty darn close to the real thing. 

#3 Oat Milk VS Regular Milk 

Just starting your dairy free journey? Oat milk is a must. It’s creamy, has a mild flavor, and brands like Oatly are so good that you totally won’t miss your glass of dairy milk. 

#4 Coconut Milk Creamer VS Dairy Creamer

Ok, so giving up coffee creamer may seem like an impossible task. I mean, many of us actually love that taste of the creamer way more than the coffee itself (am I right?) The good news is that some pretty creative brands like So Delicious offer some really creamy and delicious dairy-free alternatives that make it easier than ever to enjoy your morning cup without the dairy. 

#5 Macadamia Butter VS Regular Butter

Butter can be another tricky one to give up when going dairy free. Luckily, brands like Milkadamia now offer dairy free butter made from a macadamia oil blend. It has that buttery texture we all crave and works well with just about anything you would use regular butter in. 

Ditch Dairy, Feel Results 

Notice how we said, “feel results?” While of course ditching the dairy may result in some promising weight loss perks, you may notice that you feel the results faster than you see them. 

As the research shows, many of us don’t tolerate dairy all that well. And, when we swap it with a much healthier alternative, we may notice how crappy it was making us feel in the first place. 

So, give it a shot. Going dairy free may prove to be one of the easiest weight loss hacks you’ve tried. Plus, with delicious dairy free recipes, it’s easier than ever to step away from the cheese.