What devices do you support?

FitOn is currently available on iOS and Android devices:

  • iOS: iOS 11.0 & above (including Apple Watch for real-time heart rate)
  • Android: Android 4.4W & above

Additionally, you can enjoy FitOn workouts on your TV by using airplay with your Apple TV (iOS) or casting via your Chromecast (Android & iOS).

In order to stream workouts to your device FitOn does require an Internet connect over WiFi or 4G/LTE.

Coming Soon

Heart Rate

  • Fitbit: We only currently support Apple Watch for real-time HR but are working to add support for Fitbit watches once they make it available.
  • Straps: Support will be added for Wahoo and other popular bluetooth heart rate straps by Fall 2019.


  • AppleTV: As noted above we already support streaming to AppleTV through Airplay but our AppleTV app is currently under development and will be available in Fall 2019.
  • Streaming TV: We do plan to support other streaming TV services starting with Roku which should be available in Fall 2019.

If there are other devices you want us to support please contact us to let us know!