7 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Workout Routine

There are easy ways to put the excitement back into your workout routine.

By: Nicole Teitler

This year has brought tons of change, and many gym-goers and group fitness enthusiasts have had to rethink their fitness regimens. And, even as some gym doors reopen, home fitness is still on the rise and the preferred way to workout for many right now. But, if you feel like you’re stuck in a fitness rut or missing those in-person classes, we totally get it. To help reignite that fitness motivation, we’re sharing our top seven ways to revamp your workout routine that will keep you inspired, and most importantly, connected. 

7 Ways To Revamp Your Workout And Stay Motivated

#1 Try A Different Exercise

The same way you’d switch up your routine at the gym or studio, working out from home calls for a change every once in a while too. To avoid going into an exercise on autopilot, try revamping your workout with a different program. If you’ve been doing a lot of cardio, try strength training. Or, even better, give KINRGY or some dance classes a go.

When you jump into a new routine, your body and mind take time to adapt. This creates an added challenge that can keep you motivated longer.

#2 Workout With A Celebrity

Want to really add some excitement to your home fitness routine? Try working out with a celebrity by trying some of FitOn’s celebrity classes with Gabrielle Union or JVN. Sometimes a familiar face is all you need to revamp your workout and get inspired. Because it’s more than just looking good. This is all about feeling good!

#3 Take Your Workout Outside 

If you’re really looking for a way to revamp your workout routine, try taking it outdoors. Grab your yoga mat and do your yoga outside in the fresh air or press play on a FitOn quick HIITs workout. Sometimes just changing up the scenery is all we need to feel like we are totally revamping our current fitness routine. 

#4 Create A New Playlist

Try revamping your workout with an entirely new fitness soundtrack. Ask friends for playlist recommendations, search the internet, or simply pick and choose songs that you love.

You can even time out the playlist for an entire workout and customize it to your fitness goals. One song for jump rope, another for squats, arms, etc. The possibilities are literally endless! Plus, singing burns calories— double win.

Don’t feel like making your own playlist? FitOn PRO offers premium music to stream during your sweat sesh. 

#5 Make A Workout Space or Redesign it

Whether you have a small space in your home or an entire yard, having a designated section for exercise is important. A good rule of thumb is, keep your area the length of your body, arms out from fingertip to fingertip. That should cover the essentials.

Make this space your own. Customize it with minimalistic but personalized touches. Some ideas to try are:

  • Spruce up your home fitness space with some colorful house plants 
  • Use a colorful workout mat
  • Create space near a window, so you don’t feel confined. 

To revamp your workout, you’ll need a place that feels comfortable, mentally, so you can tackle whatever is ahead.

#6 Order A New Outfit

Just like a new pair of shoes (or in this case, sneakers), when you order fresh fit apparel, you’ll be eager to wear it. Old clothes might feel very 2019 right now and with it all the memories of your former routine. Get an outfit, or two, for the new normal to help add some spark back into your fitness routine. 

#7 Challenge Your Friends

Your workout is for you, but you can certainly include some friends. Try revamping your workout by challenging others to join you. Create a common goal each week and alternate who creates the routine, or start a FitOn Party and workout together. While it’s not a competition, when you have someone else monitoring your progress, it acts as motivation to stay on top of your game. 

Do What’s Best For You

No two people work out the same, so there’s no single solution on how to revamp your workout. But if you keep trying new ways, whatever those ways may be, sooner or later, something will stick. The important thing is to make time, make space, and be open to new ideas.