Here’s Why Kate Hudson is All About Regular Pilates Workouts

Plus, how you can work out like Kate Hudson without ever having to leave your house.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

We all know Kate Hudson for her role in movies like How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, and Almost Famous. However, there’s much more to Kate Hudson than just her acting career. She’s a true fitness enthusiast and has been pretty outspoken about her love for Pilates. Kate Hudson’s Pilates workouts have become a viral sensation, especially since she launched her fitness clothing brand Fabletics

And one thing we love the most about Kate Hudson’s love for Pilates is that she knows what type of workout works for her. Like so many Pilates lovers, Kate stays true to the fact that Pilates is what helps her feel her best. 

So, whether you’re a Pilates fanatic, or just dipping your feet into the world of Pilates training, you’re going to want in on this. We’ve been snooping on Kate’s Insta, and swooning over her fitness routine. 

Here’s how Kate takes her Pilates workouts to the next level. Plus, here’s how you can get some Kate Hudson style Pilates workouts in, all without ever having to leave your home. 

Ready? Grab your mat, and let’s go. 

Get Your Kate Hudson Style Pilates Workout On

Ready to strengthen and tone like Kate Hudson by starting your own Pilates routine? Here are five ways to boost your Pilates workout.

#1 Start or End Your Day With Pilates

Kate Hudson has been known for talking about how Pilates makes her feel. On her Instagram, Kate shares how Pilates just makes her day better! So, our challenge to you is to start or end your day with a Pilates workout. It may just help you feel a little more centered and calm, whether you are starting your day or getting ready for bed. The best thing about Pilates is that you can grab your mat, press play on a FitOn Pilates workout, and do it right from your living room. 

#2 Mix it Up

While Pilates is great, even Kate Hudson mixes things up a bit. Kate shares how she mixes up her fitness routine on Instagram with things like strength training and cardio. Try getting outside for a brisk walk, or getting a little cardio in on your Pilates off days. A workout balance is key to preventing a fitness plateau and boosting fitness results. 

#3 Target all the Muscles

If you’re looking for a workout that will tone all the muscles, Pilates is it. It’s low-impact, but will totally give you a good burn. And, with the proper Pilates breath work, you can really focus in on engaging every single muscle as you tighten and tone. 

#4 Be Mindful

Bring some mindfulness to your Pilates routine. Pilates is very much about the breath, so if you can just focus on breathing and letting everything go around you, you will really set yourself up for success. Plus, learning to be mindful and present on the mat is the perfect way to learn how to practice being more mindful in day to day life. And guess what? We all could use a little more zen. Can we get an amen? 

#5 Get the Right Leggings

Kate Hudson really does it all. From her acting career to being a momma, and having a very successful clothing line, she still manages to look stylish in her fitness clothes. And, what we know is that us ladies get a little extra motivated to exercise when we have some new cute fitness threads, right? So, treat yourself to some fitness leggings, and make it a goal to get a few Pilates workouts in per week. 

Pilates Does All The Things When it Comes to Health

Pilates not only benefits your physical health, but it’s excellent for mental health as well. It’s the perfect low-impact form of exercise to really center yourself and feel connected. 

We challenge you to try one FitOn Pilates workout with FitOn trainer Cassey Ho this week, using your free fitness app.  Cassey makes Pilates fun, but with enough challenge to help you see results. With some regular Pilates, you may just start to understand why Kate Hudson loves this form of exercise so much.