5 Science-Backed Ways to Get Yourself Motivated to Exercise

Can’t get out of that fitness rut? Read this.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Lacking some fitness motivation? We feel ya. It can be hard to muster up that motivation to get that sweat in. However, let’s just start by saying that no one ever regrets a workout. So, if you’re stuck in a little bit of a fitness rut, we’re here to help a gal out. Here are the top five science-backed ways to get motivated to exercise. 

Ready? Lace-up those sneaks, throw your hair in a bun, and get sweaty. 

#1 Get That Playlist Going

The science is out…music gets up pumped. A study from the National Center for Health Research found that listening to music you enjoy can help you get a little more out of your workout. Pick a tempo that matches your workout. Want to run faster? Play some tunes to help you pick up the pace! Need to wind down with a relaxing yoga flow? Play some softer more relaxing music. 

If you need a little motivation to exercise, take a few minutes to revamp your workout playlist. Playing some pump-up tunes may be exactly what you need to turn up the heat on your fitness pump just a little more. 

#2 Set up a Reward System

Sometimes, we just need a little reward system set up to get ourselves motivated to exercise. Huffington Post reported that giving yourself a real reward is a great way to help boost fitness motivation. Choose a reward for yourself every time you reach a fitness goal. If you think you’ll need more frequent rewards at the beginning, reward yourself with something like a mani or a new workout top twice a month. Plus, not only will this keep you motivated to workout, and actively working towards your fitness goals, these little rewards can double of self-care (heck, yeah!) We’re all about a healthy dose of self-care around here, and a regular workout routine paired with a little pampering every couple of weeks is perf. 

#3 Get Your Hard Core Friend on Board:

We all have that friend that tells us how it is, no matter how harsh the truth is. While the truth can hurt, this is the friend you want in your corner when you are looking for someone to hold you accountable. See if you can get your BFF to join you in your challenge to keep yourself motivated to exercise more regularly. You both can crush fitness goals together, and keep one another on track. Plus, FitOn makes it easy to work out with friends. 

#4 Stop Making Looks the Only Reason You Exercise:

It’s so easy to get caught up in social media comparing ourselves to everyone else and their fitness goals. It can also become really easy to get sucked into the idea that exercise is only to work on physical appearance. But, pump the breaks for a sec, girl. There’s so much more to exercise than just making ourselves feel better on the outside. While this is a perk, having this mentality is a surefire way to throw in the towel as soon as we realize exercise can take some time to see the results we are after. We have to realize that exercise is about physical, mental, and overall health. So, if it takes a little longer to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy jeans, or fit into that little black dress you have had your eyes on, just keep pushing. You are doing amazing things by showing up and exercising regularly. The more you think about all the things exercise does for us, you will find it easier to get motivated to exercise. 

#5 Check-in With Your Goals Regularly:

If you’re goal-driven, then setting regular goals is going to help get you motivated to exercise, and stay motivated to exercise each day. Studies have found that setting SMART goals can help kick motivation up a notch. SMART goals are specific, measurable, action-oriented, relevant, and time-bound. Get really specific about what you want to achieve and make this goal measurable. 

Here’s an example of a SMART goal: 

S: Improve fitness cardio endurance. 

M: Measured by running 3 miles without getting winded. 

A: I will run four days per week, varying my mileage and speed each training day. 

R: Running four times per week will help me run faster and longer, helping me reach my goal. 

T: I will have improved my cardio endurance and ran 3 miles effortlessly within two months time. 

Set regular and realistic goals for yourself and watch yourself tackle them. Once you do, cross those off, and work on the next. While some of us may benefit from monthly goals, others may need to set weekly goals to really keep the big picture in mind. Do what works for you. We’re rooting for you. 

Get Motivated, Stay Motivated

One of the biggest challenges with exercise is motivation. Life is busy, and it’s easy to get caught up in other things that may seem more important, and that motivation to exercise may fall to the wayside. 

If you’re stuck in a bit of a fitness rut, try implementing these five science-backed ways to get yourself motivated to exercise. They are sure to fire up your workouts just a little more and help you tackle each and every one of your fitness goals.