5 Beginner Strength Moves That Every Beginner Needs to Learn

Beginner or not, these moves will stick around through your fitness journey.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Are you starting a new fitness routine and ready to crush some serious fitness goals? Or, maybe you’re a seasoned fitness pro by now but are looking to clean up your form on some basic moves. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you’re going to want in on these five beginner strength moves we all could benefit from. 

Beginner Strength Moves Everyone Needs in Their Current Fitness Routine 

#1 Plank

All hail the mighty plank. Planks are everything when it comes to finding that move that targets literally every body part. Nailing that perfect plank form is going to get those abs burning, those arms toned, and that upper back strong. Once you have your form down, you really can’t go wrong, which is exactly why this is one of our all-time fav beginner strength moves. 

Here’s a tip to take that plank to the next level—engage your core, and pull your shoulder blades pack, and breathe! Hold it for 30-60 seconds, and do this daily! No only will it help build strength, but it can even help prepare your body for increasing how many push-ups you can do. 

#2 Push-up

While we’re on the topic of push-ups, this is another one of those beginner strength moves we all love to hate. Trust us, we get that they are definitely hard, and not everyone’s favorite…BUT they are actually really great for building strength and helping you supercharge your fitness results. 

Can’t do a push-up yet? Seriously, don’t sweat it. Start right where you are and modify! You can do knee push-ups, and just make sure you’re still engaging your core, glutes, and rolling your shoulders back. Perfect this form first, and then move onto the full push-up—you got this! 

#3 Squat 

We love us some squats around here. While this is a pretty basic move, it can target quite a few muscles and give us that tight booty, sexy legs, and strong core, we’re all working on. 

To nail one of our favorite beginner strength moves, stand with your hips just a little more than  hip-width apart with your toes turned out just a smidge. Tighten that core, bend those knees, and squat! Come back up, tightening that booty, and repeat. 

Strive to do about 15-20, and more if you can. The beauty of the squat is that it can fit into literally any workout circuit, so feel free to add some squats into any workout, or even do some during a break at work where you just need to get up, stretch, and move your body. 

#4 Lunges 

Oh, lunges, another one of those moves that totally burns, but they burn so good! That booty burn is the result of all those muscles firing up. While they may be hard, lunges will have those glutes and legs summer-ready in no time. 

Simply stand up straight, roll your shoulders back, tighten that core, and step one foot forward and lunge until your front knee is above your ankle. Press that front heel down to drive yourself back to your starting position. 

Try doing 10-15 lunges on each side or until you start to feel the burn, and feel free to add this move to any of your current workout circuits as well. Any workout could benefit from some good old fashion lunges. 

#5 Reverse Lunge

Oh, and while you’re getting your lunge burn on, why not add in some reverse lunges? Not only will you still target those glutes, and quads, but you’ll help tighten that core and work on balance (win, win!) 

Simply take the classic lunge, but step back with one foot instead of forward. Alternate legs, making sure to get 10-15 reps in on each side. Do these on the reg to take your current fitness routine to the next level. 

Beginner or Not, These Moves Will Stick Around Through Your Fitness Journey 

Whether you have just started your fitness journey, or have been in the fitness game for a while, learning these beginner strength moves is a must. 

You’ll find these moves popping up in just about every workout you do, so learning them now, practicing them, and doing them as often as you can is a great way to tone your entire body and build some serious strength. 

So, learn those five moves, get comfortable with them, and watch your fitness success take off.