The 10 Most Popular Workouts That Kickstarted 2021

These popular workouts are sure to spice up your home fitness routine.

By: Rebecca Jacobs

Now that 2020 is officially behind us, more of us than ever before have been looking for a fresh start. Some of us have started new healthy habits and maybe even amped up our current fitness routine. And, since so many of us started exercising from the comfort of our own home last year, going into this new year with new and exciting home workouts is a great way to freshen up any fitness routine. 

To help kickstart the new year and supercharge your 2021 workout routine, we’re sharing the top ten most popular workouts of 2021 so far.  From low impact cardio to Julianne Hough X Cassey Ho Pilates, we’re loving the workouts that kickstarted this year. 

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2021 Workouts to Add to Your Fitness Routine This Year 

Low Impact Cardio Blast 

If you’re looking for a low impact cardio workout that still burns serious calories, look no further than this Low Impact Cardio Blast workout with Jeanette Jenkins. This workout will elevate your heart rate while still protecting your joints. The best part? It’s only 21 minutes, so you can squeeze this workout into even the busiest days. 

Julianne Hough X Cassey Ho Pilates 

This dynamic duo teamed up to bring you an amazing Pilates workout. Work out with both Julianne and Cassey while toning and sculpting at the same time. 

Level Zero 

Whether you’re new to yoga or are looking for a great recovery workout, this Level Zero class with Vytas is a great place to start. 

Starter HIIT 

Learn the foundations of HIIT with FitOn trainer Breann Mitchell. This 19-minute class will have you burning calories in this easy to follow cardio session. 

Quick HIIT Booty 

This 10 minutes quick HIIT workout is a favorite one for booty toning. Bree Koegel will walk you through this killer glute workout that will have your booty burning in no time. 

Stronger Arms & Abs 

This 14-minute upper body and ab workout will challenge your core and upper body for maximum results. 

Full Body Yoga Flow 

Sydney Benner will guide you through this 28 minutes Full Body Yoga Flow class that’s designed to heat up your body from head to toe. This class focuses on building heat, strength, and love through every inch of your body.

Spicy Quick HIIT 

Danielle Pascente will guide you through this 22 minute Spicy Quick HIIT workout that has 4 full-body exercises that will be repeated. With each passing round, you will continually be challenged to dig deep and finish strong.

Back & Arm Blast 

This quick 12-minute workout with FitOn trainer Brendon Ayanbandejo focuses on upper body exercises. Chisel your back and arms with this dumbbell strength workout. 

Savage Sweat 

Get ready to get sweaty with this bodyweight cardio blast with FitOn trainer Kenta Seki. Get your heart rate soaring and work every single muscle in your body.

Spice Up Your At-Home Fitness Routine This Year 

Whether you’re working on crushing new fitness goals in 2021 or just want to add some new workouts to your home fitness routine, consider these ten workouts that kickstarted 2021. 

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